Man Of Mars (August 8, 2003 – December 31, 2007)

June 1, 2005

June 2005

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Music and Weekends
Fri, 10 Jun 2005 11:19:00 GMT 

Fete dela Musique 2005

On June 18, all roads lead to El Pueblo, Ortigas Center for the Fete dela Musique 2005. This is the yearly event music enthusiasts are waiting for. All genres, one night, one venue.

World / Reggae / Ska (main stage)
Venue: Le Souffle Parking
Time: 4:30pm to 8:45pm (pre-show), 8:45pm to 3:54am
Performers: Nityalila, Pinikpikan, Cynthia Alexander (opening),
Makiling Ensemble, JR. Kilat, Bayang Barrios, Brownbeat All Stars,
Indio I, Radioactive Sago Project, etc.

Blues Stage
Venue: Sidebar
Time: 9:00pm to 3:45am
Performers: Blue Jean Junkies, Huka, Bluesviminda, DC Aftershock,
Naked Tongue, Taglay Silang, Mr. Crayon, Freeway Jam, Sammy Asuncion, The Jerks

Jazz Stage
Venue: San Mig Pub
Time: 9:00pm to 3:45am
Performers: Bo Razon, Isha, Sound, Skarlet & Jazz Friends, Quail Quintet,
Mother Earth, Wahijuara, Mishka Adams, Blues Echoes, Subconcept,
Jazz Volunteers, Johnny Alegre Affinity

Rock Stage
Venue: Racks Parking
Time: 3:30pm to 4:00am
Performers: Sandwich, Itchyworms, Cambio, Imago, Kapatid, Twisted Halo,
Sugarfree, Razorback, Chicosci, Mayonnaise, Greyhounds (closing), etc.

Alternative Stage
Venue: Podium Driveway
Time: 3:30pm to 3:30am
Performers: Cueshe, Bobby Parks Movement, Mojofly, Juan Pablo Dream, Hale,
Pedicab, Barbie’s Cradle, Stonefree, Narda, Kitchie Nadal, Moonstar88,
Spongecola, KikoMachine, Session Road, Rivermaya, etc

Venue: Pasto
Time: 3:30pm to 3:40am
Performers: Makkina, Ixiz, Chox, Names are for Tombstones, Flipperbaby,
Bagetsafonik, One Lone Clone, Daydream Cycle, Drip, Morse, Silverfilter,
Wolfmann, Rubberinc, Neon8, Dayuhan, Trip M, Moon Fear Moon, Skies of Ember

Venue: Friends Bar and Resto
Time: 9:00pm to 1:10am
Performers: Out of Body Special, HostKaliph8, Ginn and Razor Ray, Audible,
Gloc9, ButtaFlava, Host, Miscellaneous, Syke, Turbulence, Host, Swift,
Jocelyn, Pikaso, Seven Shots, Host, SVC

3rd Manila Jazz Festival

The 3rd Manila Jazz Festival filled up the Expo Exchange in Greenbelt last week. Good thing we got there relatively early, we were able to get a table and a decent spot. With me were college friends Lian, Skeeter, Yana, and a friend from Baguio, Gretch. It was three hours of full hardcore jazz and lots of free wine. It’s really great to know that many local bands can play the sophisticated sound of straight jazz.

During the festival I “guested” in MTV Get Spotted since the show was covering the event (which must be horrible with all the shots of wine I had that night. While introducing Tori Amos’s video, I forgot the name of her album, when weeks ago I just bought the album!) After the festival I went to the birthday celebration of a high school batchmate, where we had beer in an enviable and posh 18th floor condo unit in Makati, moved to a nearby bar for more wine and beer, moved to Malate for more beer and lots of Mexican food, and finally had a very impulsive breakfast in Tagaytay. What a tiresome event! Good thing Jen and Ronald still had enough energy to drive us back and forth Tagaytay after a sleepless night. Even though I’m not really into overnight gimmicks anymore, that night was really fun especially that some of those high school friends were people I haven’t seen in years.

If last weekend was meant for Jazz and Tagaytay, and next weekend will be for the Fete, this 3-day weekend should ideally be for rest. And in a few hours I’ll be heading to my so-called resting place: Baguio! My ex-officemates had been asking me to visit them, and this long weekend was quite a good timing. I doubt if I can really rest in Baguio though, but I’m sure it will be fun. I really miss my friends and the lazy mountain.

Enjoy the long weekend people!!!

Fete de la Musique 2005
Tue, 28 Jun 2005 13:10:00 GMT


blues music @ sidebar

world music

makiling ensemble


the day you said goodnight - hale


jazz music @ sanmig bar



boy quizon and his band biyaheng reggae

novs and skeeter dancing reggae style

here’s the fete wallpaper i’m currently using at home.
also thanks for checking out the YOU blog addict article featuring man of mars.

June Movies
Tue, 28 Jun 2005 13:57:00 GMT

Sin City. Robert Rodriquez, the only guy to have made two Hollywood trilogies, adds another item in his credentials. This comic adaptation, which was co-directed by the great Quentin Tarantino, is one hell of an eye-candy narrative. The movie tells different stories of corruption, revenge, and heroism, all set in one metropolis, the Sin City. All the action scenes were great, all the shots were spectacular, and the acting was fantastic and stylish, too stylish in fact that even shots as simple as walking seemed choreographed. More, the comic texture gives the movie a unique and classic feel. Too lame though I got to watch this in a cinema in SM, since there were lots of missing scenes.

Le Poulpe.
Le Poulpe, the only film that I was able to watch in the recent French Film Festival, sucked big time. College friends and I were supposed to catch Vivement Dimanche, said to be a Hitchcock tribute film, but apparently the festival schedule was changed so we were somehow forced to watch a movie we weren’t exactly interested. The movie was about an unconventional philanthropist, who solves crimes and tags along his girlfriend during investigation. He’s not a cop so he does things by himself and sometimes uses his connections to get confidential information. The girlfriend’s kikay character saves the movie to a small extent, because of her comic antics and flawless nudity. The movie started out as a boring talkie, which turned into a stupid action film, then later on became a weird political movie. I could actually imagine Lito Lapid and Rufa Mae in that two hours of French garbage.

Happy Together.
Considered to be Wong Kar Wai’s greatest work, this sad Chinese art film tells a unique love story in the middle of a promiscuous generation, of poverty, of an alien nation, and of unconventional sexual orientation. A very poignant film.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
When the plot was announced months before the release, movie fans agreed it’s just gonna be a brainless entertaining blockbuster. The moment you start thinking in this movie, it will turn sour, so it’s imperative to watch this film using minimal IQ. And personally, I really enjoyed Mr. and Mrs. Smith from start to finish, and I’m giving it a perfect 10 for the cool factor! This movie is so cool, I enjoyed all scenes without having to think and analyze. I simply got what I anticipated.

The Amityville Horror.
When girlfriends Jen and Cel thought of watching this movie, I instantly agreed, since I only enjoy horror films when the people I’m with get really scared and shrill. This horror remake may seem a B-quality movie, but it never failed to scare my friends, and in some moments it actually did scare me. The stereotypical tale of a new household in a haunted house may be predictable, but the frightening scenes definitely weren’t.

La Visa Loca. After the very commendable films Crying Ladies and Santa Santita, Unitel offers another movie of the same caliber. La Visa is about a humble local who, like most of his countrymen, dream of working and living in America. The film is very light compared to the two mentioned movies (and obviously had less budget), but like its predecessors, it has the humor and culture only a true Pinoy filmmaker can deliver. I just can’t wait to see Pinoy Blonde!

I never really liked a single J-Lo movie, and this one is no exception. Monster-in-law is a (supposed) romantic comedy about an engaged couple, and the guy’s possessive and high-maintenance mother. The film isn’t exactly bad, but then it’s neither funny nor romantic. It’s one of those movies you catch in HBO while channel surfing, watch for 10 minutes, then change channels after figuring out the title.

Nasaan Ka Man. If La Visa was simple but good, this one is extravagant but baaad. The movie is about an unconventional family, composed of two sisters and three adopted kids, two of which fell in love with each other. The art direction and cinematography were really good, but the plot was terrible. There was just too much going on, that the result was pure bland. Piece by piece, the parts of the plot have good potential. But the way they forced everything into one film made the entire output disastrous, sucking away all the promise the film could have offered. As the famous saying goes, if it’s from Star Cinema, it must be one commercialized work of crap.

Batman Begins.
I’ve talked about my most anticipated summer movie a million times already. When the casting news came out. When the posters were released. When the summer playdate was announced. And now I’m gonna talk about the movie again. As a Batman movie, I don’t think it’s an exceptional film. It has less action scenes than the previous films in the franchise, the villains though more realistic were less interesting and less memorable, and Batman’s voice is contrived when inside the mask. And honestly, one can’t really expect a lot of Batman in this movie. However, be sure to expect a lot of Bruce Wayne in the movie, and more of Christopher Nolan. The characterization of the protagonist is very effective, and the director’s noir touch is all over the film. The human approach and great acting make the film excellent, not to mention the consistent storytelling and the powerful cast. Two actors worth praising are Gary Oldman and Liam Neeson. (Neeson proved his versatility in his recent movies, and is strongly becoming a personal favorite alongside Pacino and Hopkins.) Sadly Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine didn’t seem visible at all, and apparently I can still see the I’m-in-love-with-Tom insignia in Holmes’ forehead. Over all, the film is far better than the hype, and is definitely the summer film to watch this year. Though impossible, I really want Batman Begins to be the top grosser this year.

I’m almost done with the first season of Desperate Housewives.
And I’m getting my season 1 LOST episodes this week.
War of the Worlds opens tomorrow.
And next week I’m watching a special advance screening for Fantastic Four.
The passion just never ends.

Enjoy the movies everyone!



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