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August 1, 2005

August 2005

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Top 30 Films of All Time
Sat, 06 Aug 2005 16:00:00 GMT

More than two years ago, I made my list of favorite movies of all time and posted it months after as one of my earliest blog entries.  Now, after seeing more than a hundred new films, I updated my Top 30 Films list.

saving private ryan left the top 30 list dead poets society left the top 30 list crouching tiger left the top 30 list

Seven movies were taken out from the old list.  These are Dead Poets Society (Robin Williams, Ethan Hawke, director Peter Weir), Quiz Show (Ralphe Fiennes, director Robert Redford), The Talented Mr. Ripley (Cate Blanchette, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Matt Damon), The End of the Affair (Ralphe Fiennes, Julianne Moore), Saving Private Ryan (Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, director Steven Spielberg), Boys Don’t Cry (Hillary Swank), and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh, Zang Zi Yih, director Ang Lee).  I still love these great films, but seven other works I’ve seen over the past two years more deserve to be placed in my personal top 30.

eternal sunshine at #7 city of god at #13 kill bill at #27

First of those new seven films in my favorite list is Kill Bill Volume 1, the Quentin Tarantino masterpiece about a female assassin and her rollercoaster take on revenge and redemption.  The film is a celebration of filmmaking, displaying cool action scenes, mixed direction style, and a talented cast.

If the lesbian movie Boys Don’t Cry left my list, a movie with a similar theme is added.  The heartbreaking and heavy film Monster, which gave Charlize Theron an Academy award, is the biographical account of a prostitute who was sent to death row for multiple homicide, all of which she did for her lesbian lover.

If not for a friend in the UP Film Institute, I wouldn’t have seen the relatively old Iranian film Children of Heaven.  The critically acclaimed movie is about a little boy from a poor family and his innocent quest of replacing his sister’s shoes.  A very heartwarming and inspiring movie.

Also new in the list is Wong Kar Wai’s Happy Together.  Considered to be his best work, this film is a very poignant love story set in Argentina which stars Tony Leung and the late Leslie Cheung.

Next would be the Brazilian film City of God, the grand prize winner in the Cinemanila 2003, and nominated for different awards including the Oscars.  This revolutionary epic about generations of drugs and violence in a Brazilian city is known for its cool editing, great cinematography, and heartless brutality.

The sixth new film in the list is the weirdly titled Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  This Jim Carrey starrer is about a couple who had their memory erased to deliberately forget each other, but still found each other’s love despite the scientific intervention.  This award winning movie takes us to an unconventional experience on love and fate, with a little sci-fi, lots of great artistic shots, and a perfectly written story.

And the last new film to make it in my top 30 is the dark indie film Donnie Darko.  The film is about a quasi-disturbed guy who discovers that his life may be a result of, or connected to, parallel dimensions and supernatural encounters.  A mind boggling noir set in the 80’s with a very cool soundtrack, this movie has a huge cult following and went straight to number one in my all time favorite list.


Here’s the complete updated list:

My Top 30 Favorite Films of All Time (As of June 2005)

30 Pleasantville

29 Cast Away

28 Y Tu Mama Tambien (Mexico)

27 Kill Bill Volume 1

26 Monster

25 Fight Club

24 Malena (Italy)

23 Chicago

22 The Sixth Sense

21 Memento

20 Children of Heaven (Iran)

19 Gladiator

18 Trainspotting

17 Happy Together (China)

16 Beauty and the Beast

15 American Beauty

14 High Fidelity

13 City of God (Brazil)

12 Hero (China)

11 Amorres Perros (Mexico)

10 The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

9 Samurai X: Romantic Tales from Meija (Japan)

8 The Matrix

7 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

6 A Beautiful Mind

5 Moulin Rouge

4 The Hours

3 Requiem for a Dream

2 Schindler’s List

1 Donnie Darko

(I would love to put commentaries in each of the films, but it’s rather difficult writing about thirty great films all at once.  In my future list, probably two years from now, I *may* be able to include commentaries.  Hehe.)

Cinemanila 2005 is coming!  This is one of the most important annual film events in the metropolis so try to catch at least a few great films in the festival.  Check their website here.

Exactly two years ago, I posted my first blog entry.  I may not be blogging now as often as I used to, but I still plan to maintain this blog as long as I can.  Life has just been really busy lately, and blogging is just difficult to squeeze in my schedule.  To those who still read this blog despite the minimal update, a very big thanks to you.

For two years, Man Of Mars had:

  • 36,025 hits
  • 131 blog entries
  • 6 mailing list subscribers

Here’s a happy 2nd Blog-a-versary to Man of Mars!

2005 Emmy Nominees
Thu, 11 Aug 2005 04:42:00 GMT

Here are the nominees for some of the major awards in the 2005 Emmys. Awarding will be on September 18.

Outstanding Comedy Series

Arrested Development • FOX
Desperate Housewives • ABC
Everybody Loves Raymond • CBS
Scrubs • NBC
Will & Grace • NBC

Outstanding Drama Series

Deadwood • HBO
Lost • ABC
Six Feet Under • HBO
24 • FOX
The West Wing • NBC

Outstanding Reality Program

Antiques Roadshow • PBS
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition • ABC
Penn & Teller: Bullshit! • Showtime
Project Greenlight • Bravo
Queer Eye For The Straight Guy • Bravo

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program

The Amazing Race • CBS
American Idol • FOX
The Apprentice • NBC
Project Runway • Bravo
Survivor • CBS


It’s sad that CSI didn’t make it to the outstanding drama series nominations in their fifth season. But then it’s not really a big loss since the original crime series is nominated for a bunch of other awards including a nod for best director in the season finale. The fifth season of CSI is noted to have gone mainstream, using the music of U2 in their 100th episode and having Quentin Tarantino as guest director in the finale.

For drama series, I’m rooting for my favorites Six Feet Under and 24 all the way, though I’m still halfway in the last season of 24. I’ll be getting the rest of the episodes next week. I’m also currently enjoying Lost, but will still have to finish the entire season.

And Everybody Loves Raymond should win best comedy series, not because it already aired its last season, but simply because the show is just becoming better and better over the past few years. I know I haven’t seen the last season since the DVDs in my dad’s collection are just the first few seasons, but I’ve read really good reviews. I enjoyed Desperate Housewives, but wasn’t totally satisfied with the way they ended the first season.

Enjoy the movies TV! 🙂


Travelling Movies
Sun, 14 Aug 2005 13:05:00 GMT

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was one fun family movie. This movie remake of a Roald Dahl adaptation tells the story of the owner of a strange chocolate company and the poor kid who got to win a special trip inside the factory. It felt like Baz Luhrmann making a kiddie film, complete with all the fascinating musicals and disproportioned sceneries. I especially enjoyed the singing numbers of the Oommpa Loompas, and of course the colorful production design of the movie. It’s not really a great must-see movie, but if either you enjoy eccentric film productions, or you’re a fan of Burton and Depp, or simply a kid at heart, go see this movie!

Motorcycle Diaries (Diarios de motocicleta, 2005) was an absorbing movie, but I must admit some parts bored me. Based on the journal of Ernesto Che’ Guevara, it tells the accounts of the road trip of a young Guevara and friend Alberto Granado. At some level the film was informative – from Guevara’s family background, to the interesting history of the Incas in Peru, to the cultural differences among South American countries, and finally to Guevara’s vision of a united America. The film also got to capture great images of the American suppressed people (literally and figuratively), making you feel you’re actually watching a documentary reported by Guevara himself. Personally though, I think the film lacked convincing on how the ideals of Che had come about from all the encounters in the trip. If the narrator in the movie hadn’t become the famous Cuban revolutionist, the film is just as good as any other Discovery Channel feature.

Somewhere in Time is one film I wanted to watch for so long. Good thing my housemate owns a video, which I borrowed months ago but only decided to watch last night. It is the very popular time traveling movie, and the only other movie I know of that stars Christopher Reeve other than the Superman series. The film is foremost a love story, so the scientific details of the time traveling part is useless to analyze. It’s more Forever Young than The Time Machine. The story is about a playwright in the 80’s who went to the past to meet the love of his life. When the writer left the actress in 1912 and returned to the present by accident, the lady started to lead an empty life until she died in the 70’s. And as with the writer when he returned from 1912, he felt empty too, desperately wanting to return, until starvation killed him. There really wasn’t much conflict in the story, and in the end the main characters were happily reunited in the afterlife. I agree that love is a truly great emotion, but then starving oneself or feeling empty for over 60 years, must be an exaggeration only the movies can justify.


Last Friday night, some friends and I surprised our friend Skeeter on the eve of her birthday. The night started with chocolate mousse and wine, and ended with beer and chips. The real party though will be next weekend, when Mighty, Skeeter, and my brother Doms celebrate their birthdays altogether. (The number on the cake was blurred for obvious reasons.)

skeeter's surprise
mighty, skeeter, peewee, lian, doms, and naldz

the birthday cake
skeeter in pajamas

happy birthday skeeter!
happy birthday!!

Last Friday night I also got to watch parts of the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory since Skeeter and her siblings were watching it in her place. It must be revolutionary during its time because of the effects and treatment, but then the new version has a better characterization of Willy Wonka. It’s really amazing to watch movies of the same concept but done in different times.

Enjoy the new week everyone! 😉

Missing Baguio: Bacon at Cafe By The Ruins
Sun, 21 Aug 2005 08:20:00 GMT

bacon at cafe by the ruins


I would have been in Baguio this weekend for the wedding of old housemate Allan, but I had to help last night for the birthday party of my brother and two other friends. The party was great – good food, lots of people, great music. There were even bands who performed last night, and lots of booze!

Another friend in Baguio is getting married soon anyway, so I’ll sure be going back to the mountains and eat loads of homemade bacon and strawberries.

It’s also weird to know that now is the time when friends in my generation are getting married. Last week a good friend from high school got married. Today my housemate in Baguio. Next month will be the wedding of classmate, workmate, and friend Shelley. And October will be ex-officemate Paolo’s. I should get that master’s degree fast before my life will pass me by! Nobody’s getting any younger. *sigh*

But for now, all I care about is the Belgian Film Festival in Megamall. Hehe.

Good day everyone!


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