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October 1, 2005

October 2005

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Wake Me Up When September Ends
Thu, 06 Oct 2005 15:59:00 GMT

Since I last blogged, I remember watching these films on DVD, in the Cine Europa, and in regular cinemas:

Bad Education (Spain)
The Sea Inside (Spain)
Nowhere In Africa (Germany)
Eating Out
Taegukgi (Korea)
The Spanish Apartment (France)
Kroko (Germany)
Red Eye
The Constant Gardener

If I had my own film festival based on the films I’ve seen during the past weeks, the Palme D’Or would definitely go to the Cine Europa French entry The Spanish Apartment.  This light film about a French guy who went to Spain to study and live in a multi-national apartment is one feel-good comedy.  It’s not visually stunning and I didn’t exactly like the supposedly profound ending, but I enjoyed the humor a lot, especially that I’ve lived in five different apartments since college.

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The Spanish Film Festival is ongoing in Greenbelt.  I’m not that interested since I’ve already seen the feature films of the festival, The Sea Inside and All About My Mother, both directed by the talented Pedros of Spain.

My company is one of the major sponsors of the film festival, since it is a Spain-based IT and management consulting company.  It really feels good to be in a company that values culture a lot.  Did I also mention we get free Spanish lessons?

Speaking of work, the company also had a weeklong celebration for our 10th year anniversary.  Every day of the week wasn’t spared of a significant event, which was culminated by a formal party where we ended up jumping and dancing to a live band in our barongs, stuffed with beer, rum, and great food.That night I also won in one of the two categories of the photography competition of the company, which was really great since it boosts the ambitious photographer in me.  And the prize was even greater!

I also got to watch the Rex Naverette show “Badass Madapaka” in Megamall.  It was my first time watching him perform live, after only seeing him on TV and hearing his stand-up jokes on circulated audio files.  The show was really hilarious – thank God for complimentary tickets! I’m excited for the release of the DVD, and his new MTV show! 

During the last day of September, while my officemates were watching The Spanish Apartment after my (persistent) recommendation, I went out with some friends to meet the much-awaited Octoberfest.  After the free experience of Brownman Revival in Megastrip, we moved to El Pueblo where the actual beer drinking took place.  Too bad college friend Jelly (who’s now back in China) accidentally erased the pics we took that night.  Jelly, hope your quick vacation was worthwile!

Great news! I just got new season 2 episodes of Lost.  After their win in the recent Emmy Awards, fans are just damn impatient with the new season.  I’m planning to watch the first season all over again before I get addicted with the second season.Two weeks ago the new TV season kicked off in America without Raymond and the Fishers.  And while there were countless surprises and disappointments, NBC is still struggling in their post Seinfeld-Friends-Frasier era, while ABC shows were consistent like the previous season.  Being lost and desperate doesn’t seem so bad anymore.  I’m specifically excited with Lost, Desperate Housewives (which is rumored to expect angry fan letters because the writers are going to make Bree’s son do a very gruesome act to his mother), and the third season of Nip/Tuck.

My parents celebrated their silver wedding anniversary two weeks ago, but they’re renewing their vows this December since my brothers and I will be home for the holidays.  I’m officially the wedding planner, and I’m looking forward to the event.  I’m also polishing my video editing skills, and hopefully I can present a worthwile tribute to my parents.   And of course, I can’t wait to go home to Iligan! 

The ipod nano is out, and I’m not quite impressed.  The Creative neeon is way better for me, and it’s rude for Apple to use the brand nano when Creative used it first (with a capital N).  Hopefully Apple fixes their screen issue soon though, and not hear anymore angry ipod fanatics.  For now, all I care about is a new pair of rubber shoes.  I’m planning to get serious with badminton and tennis, that is, if I can make both sports work together.

September 2005 is a very sad month in this blog since it has only one entry.  Pathetic, I know.  I really really hope I can make creative entries soon, and not just film reviews and lame updates.  Or maybe I just love the Green Day song too much, and slept the entire September.  Hehe!

Have a good weekend everyone!  As for me, I’m taking a vacation leave from work next week to spend a long weekend in Baguio!  I’ll be participating in the wedding of ex-workmate Paolo, and of course catch up with good old Baguio friends.

Happy Octoberfest! Happy Sembreak! Happy Weekend!


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