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November 1, 2005

November 2005

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Lazy Blog Entry
Sun, 06 Nov 2005 05:30:00 GMT

Once again, I’m feeling sorry for this blog for having only one entry in the previous month. I have had a lot of instances when I could have updated this blog, but unfortunately there’s completely nothing to write about. And if ever a moment comes when there’s something worth blogging, I stop the minute I sit in front of the desktop, either because I’m too tired to write or simply because I wanted to do something else. Thus, the pathetic blog with once-a-month entries.


I was recently able to watch a couple of local films, The 40-year Old Virgin, and the sneak preview of Flightplan. Ilusyon was one of the neatest Filipino films that I’ve seen. The Cinemanila entry has a good story with dozens of artistic and philosophical undertones, making it very unique for a Filipino film. But I still don’t understand why a lot of critics rave for Yul Servo’s acting when I only see it as plain and mediocre. Masahista was great in using parallelism in its storytelling (even if the subject of prostitution and poverty isn’t new at all in Filipino films) and offered really good acting, but I can’t imagine how they consumed the 4M budget for a film that doesn’t seem really expensive. Ben, the production designer of the movie, told me much of the budget went to post-production. Even though there were a lot of tidy scenes and complicated editing, the visuals were honestly hard to appreciate since the movie was just converted from digital format for commercial release, and evidences of video compression can still be seen. I didn’t exactly find The 40-year Old Virgin funny, but it was enjoyable enough. I especially enjoyed the Kelly Clarkson joke, and Steve Carell was effective in portraying a loser with so many dead airs in the character, though he’s still far from being a Jim Carrey. And Flightplan was surprisingly entertaining. I just have one negative comment on the feasibility of the “plan”, which I can’t mention since it would be a spoiler, but I absolutely enjoyed the movie.

ang pokpok ng ohio

More than a week ago I also got to watch the CCP performance of Ang Pokpok ng Ohio. It’s about three unfortunate people and the dramas of their lives during one night in a corner of a busy metropolis. Irma Adlawan is truly a talented actress, and honestly I have to say it was the first intimate play that really moved me. The play was a fine adaptation; all three actors were terrific and the script was simply brilliant. And again, thanks for complimentary tickets.

company sportsfest

As for work, I’m the captain for one of the teams in the company sportsfest which will start this month. This should be fun since our sportsfest has lots of events which even includes modified sports, but then I also surmise that some days in the next few months will really be stressful. As they say, fun and stress always go together!


I’m currently enjoying the Unplugged album of Alicia Keys, and the 10-year anniversary acoustic version of Jagged Little Pill of Alanis Morissette. I also can’t get enough of Coldplay’s Fix You and James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful.



grace is gone

Last night I was able to watch the first Dave Matthews Band Night in 70’s Bistro. I just think Dave Matthews Band is one of the best bands, and probably the best band to come out in the 90’s. And no other OPM act can cover DMB songs the way Bridge does. The poetry and the orgasmic beat were very much alive last night, as if Dave Matthews himself was singing onstage. Unfortunately my friend Rastem left the band to move to China with his other band Coffeebreak Island. He used to play the sax for both Radioactive Sago Project and Bridge. Oh well, so much for free entrance fees.

long weekends

My two long weekends were rather insignificant. For a week now I’m alone in the house because one housemate is in China for training, another housemate went home to his province, and my brother is in vacation for the semestral break. And to complement my being alone, I got a bad flu. So pretty much I had no choice but to stay home, and there was just so much room for lying around and watching marathons (I realized CSI:NY could be a better show than Vegas). No badminton, no tennis, no jogging. I wasn’t able to watch the Cinemanila. And I even had to cancel on the Galera trip my officemates and I were planning. But then again, I’m thankful I got to rest and save money.

Now I’m flu-free. The long weekends are over. And anytime today or tomorrow, one of my housemates and my brother will be back in the apartment. In other words, it’s back to the real world once again.

Have a good week ahead!


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