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April 1, 2006

April 2006

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Mount Pulag
Sun, 09 Apr 2006 13:31:00 GMT

Last March 25-26, I conquered Mount Pulag, the highest peak in Luzon (2,941 meters according to Team Everest) with my friends in Baguio.  The climb ended the weeklong celebration of my 25th Birthday.

Enjoy the coming 3-day work week everyone!  And enjoy the long weekend ahead!  😉


Holy Week in Zambales
Tue, 18 Apr 2006 15:59:00 GMT

Last weekend a few friends and I explored the beaches of Zambales, which was such a perfect way to spend the holy week.  The trip was tiring because of all the Lenten traffic, but the whole experience was worth every penny and every drop of sweat.  The weather and the waters were fantastic, and the company was even so much greater!

With Doms, Lye, Skeeter, Leeroy, Nana, Lian, and Ryan.  Peewee and Patrick followed hours later.
Casa San Miguel.  Future national artist Leeroy New was busy with his last minute sculpturing when we arrived in Casa San Miguel.  The casa was indeed a haven for artists and musicians, complete with all the studios, galleries, and theatre.  It’s also the home of the Bolipata resthouse, one of the most ingenuous and artistic houses in this side of the world.  Leeroy’s exhibit was actually the reason why the trip was organized in the first place.

I'm the king of Capones!
Capones Island.  Fifteen minutes from the shores of Pundaquit is the Capones Island, which was one perfect spot for the sunset, with all the huge boulders and clear water.  By crucifixion time we were pitching the tent, and until sundown we were resting on the sands of the island.  It was low tide when we got there, so a few of us were able to “walk” to the neighboring small island, which was even barer, and more spectacular to the eyes because of the flocking birds and the corals.  The scene was picture perfect, if only I had a waterproof camera to carry.  Surprisingly, that small island was said to be called Camera Island.

Dragonboater Patrick checking out a profound painting.
Art Exhibit.  It was a real delight to be surrounded by budding artists and musicians during the exhibit.  Leeroy’s works were in the middle of the gallery, while the paintings of other artists surrounded the hall.  The Bolipata resthouse fronting the gallery was also open for viewing during the exhibit.  Digression: if you’ve been around UP Campus in Diliman, you may have seen some of Leeroy’s murals all over the university.  They’re the spermatozoid-like creatures painted stealthily on waiting sheds and walls, which for some time had a cult following and was even featured in a graphic magazine.

Candid shot on the way to the cove, taken by Lian.
Anawangan Cove.  On the second day we went to a semi private cove.  The 45 minute bangka ride was full of great sights, and approaching the cove one can actually see the caves, the great white sand, and the green pine trees.  It was really amazing to know that something as grand as the Zambales coves could exist in this country and yet be unknown to many.  The beach was perfect for swimming, and the rest of the afternoon was spent reading, sleeping, and chatting; for hours we virtually owned the cove!

King Kong lives here!
The week that ended.  Thanks to the great waters and unpopulated beaches of Zambales, the holy weekend was more than memorable.  It was simply the apt getaway for the season.  By Sunday night in Manila, we were having our Easter dinner with grilled chicken and baticolon barbecue – great food to end the great weekend!

More pictures to be posted in my flickr account.

5 Days In Boracay
Sat, 29 Apr 2006 15:59:00 GMT

breakfast at mango ray | at sun villa | the hot sun
with buddy skeeter | sunset at bora | fire dance
cyma greek cuisine | charmee jump | sailing during sunset

More pictures of the 5-day getaway to be posted in my flickr account.

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!


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