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Mon, 14 May 2007 12:58:00 GMT

firedancing in Greenbelt

Last April 27, the Spindependence firedancing competition was held in Greenbelt 3, organized by Planet Zips, the leading community for zips firedancing.  My favorite performances were from friend Tsok, who did a cool upbeat performance using House music, and this girl who did an Enya interpretation.  They won third and second place, respectively.

I watched the event with photographer Project Manila where we saw other Flickr members covering the event.  After the competition, we moved to Xaymaca to meet other graphic designers for some beer and Brownman Revival.

Click here for more pictures.

with siblings Doms, Angel, and    Oliver

My brother Doms graduated Computer Science from the University of the Philippines last April 21, while my brother Oliver will graduate in a few days from the UP College of Medicine.  My sister Angeli is now the only student, and (unfortunately) the only one from Ateneo.  Hehe!

I must admit I was a bit moved during Dominic’s college graduation in the UP theatre.  One reason was we both came from the same college, and the college valedictorian in their batch finished ECE, which was my undergraduate degree.  The videos and the speeches of the ceremony made me very nostalgic, and I’m proud to say I survived the most difficult department of the most difficult college in the university (naks).  It’s just weird that I didn’t feel this during my own graduation N years ago.  I was probably very excited then, which gave no room for nostalgic emotions.  Another reason was that Doms is not only my brother, but is also one of my closest friends and my current roommate.  We share the same circle of friends, and soon he’ll be working in my previous company, where good friend Shelley currently works.  Aside from being nostalgic, I also felt really proud that day.

Click here for more pictures of the graduation weekend.

Leeroy's sculptures 

Last May 5 was the opening of Santo-Santohan, Leeroy’s new solo exhibit at The Boston Gallery.  It was last year when college friends and I spent the holy week in Zambales, to visit Leeroy’s first major exhibit in Casa San Miguel.  The guy has gone a really long way, who just graduated cum laude in UP Fine Arts, major in Painting, though his forte is really in sculpture.

College friends Nana, Skeeter, and Peewee were there in the opening, and I invited college roommate Bob who came with Nei.  I also invited celebrity bloggers Ferdz and Rick, who also brought another blogger, Eky.  It was the first time that I met Ferdz and Eky, and the event somehow turned into an EB of bloggers.  Hehe.

Click here for more pictures of the exhibit opening.

noel and phoebe 

During my last year in college, I shared an apartment with my brother and few friends, where we had a neighbor named Ramram, a very adorable and hyperactive 4 year old.  We would carry and swing him around, and he would scream as if he’s enjoying a fast rollercoaster ride.  Kids can really add a different glow to the most mundane of days.

Now, I’m lucky to live in an apartment surrounded by two cute babies.  Noel and Phoebe are cousins who live doors away from my current place.  Phoebe’s dad Timmy is one of my kainuman in the compound and source for House DVDs, while Noel’s dad Maxi is my source for updated Heroes episodes and will soon take me to one of his Airsoft tournaments.  My brother Doms, who’s a big fan of war movies (has seen Private Ryan a hundred times, and has DVD and VHS copies of the film) is planning to get into the hobby himself and will probably buy equipment soon with his first salary.

Noel and Phoebe are both two year olds who always brighten up the mood of the neighborhood.  I would get a regular kiss every time I leave for work, and there was one time when Noel cried because he wanted to come with me.  I wonder when I’ll be getting a baby for myself.  Hehe.

Click here for more pictures of Noel and Phoebe.

che and her pakshirt 

The clothing line of Pakners Rey and Skeeter had its launch last April 19 at the Habi Home, Serendra.  Pakshirt, the statement shirt brand that was successfully introduced in the last UP Fair, with the lines “Pakshirt” and “Pakshirt ka rin,” now offers new designs and hipper statements.  The country series is now available, which shows a flag of a country in front, and a funny statement at the back.

Sample statements are:  Tama ako, tama ikaw, pero MALAYSIA.  Para hindi makatakas si Bantay, ITALY.  Oh shit, oh God, OMAN.  Let’s just be FRANCE.  Etc.  Do visit Serendra and check out Pakshirt.

Click here for more pictures of the Pakshirt Launch.

camp john hay 

I spent the recent Labor Day long weekend in Baguio City alone.  I worked and lived in this city for more than a year, and having a nostalgic trip alone was the perfect way to spend the weekend.  Former officemate Benedick offered his entire basement, which has a different entrance from his house.  I met his wife Judy and baby Clive (yep, from Clive Owen) for the first time, and we got to trade gigabytes of music and videos during my stay.  When I was still working for Texas Instruments, Benedick and I were the ultimate source of mp3s in the entire company.

I also got to meet Kenny, one of the very few remaining product engineers in our batch, since most of us already moved out of the company and are now based in Singapore.  I also met up with Juvy, the wife of Paolo, one of those who are now in Singapore, and got to see their baby boy Nico for the first time.  I also had a long night catching up with Sunshine, one of my closest friends in Baguio, who is a very talented acoustic singer in the city.

To complete my Baguio trip, I had breakfast in Café by the Ruins, visited my favorite Starbucks branch in Camp John Hay, had a Don Henrico’s meal (the first Don Hen is in Baguio), and took a walk in Session Road, which I used to do at the end of a long day when I was still living in the cold mountain.  I just miss and love everything about Baguio.

Click here for more pictures of my Baguio trip.

with fresh-from-Tokyo Ramil 

I had a mini reunion with laboratory mates from the university last May 7.  Ramil, who’s in his yearly visit in the country, treated Shelley, Reghz, and me for dinner at Teriyaki Boy Katipunan.  Later we moved to Bed Room Eastwood where we had some strong cocktails, and reminisced the good old college days.  Nerd as this may sound, half the time we were talking about signal processing, electronics, and the technicalities of photography.  The four of us are alumni of the EEE Department, and were all student affiliates of the UP Digital Signal Processing laboratory.  It really felt cool to be surrounded by great minds again!  Hehe.

Reghz and Ramil are working in the same software company, while Shelley and I used to work for the same IT company, before I moved to my current work.  I didn’t bring my camera that night, which was okay since it would look inferior compared to Shelley’s new IS camera and Ramil’s DSLR.  Hehe.  Ramil and Shelley posted some pictures in their Flickr accounts, though Ramil posted them in private mode.

Blog-city announced that they will no longer offer free hosting by the end of the year.  If I can’t afford to pay for this blog, my Flickr account will probably be the only website that I’ll be maintaining.  I just don’t think I will have the energy to make a new blog and do the tedious work of transferring all my entries.  I’m still hoping blog-city soon changes its mind though, or someone sponsors me 45$ per year so I can keep this blog.  Anyone?  Hehe.
Four babies was mentioned, and the word nostalgic was used four times in this blog entry.  Good day everyone!


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